Success stories.

High school seniors may apply for the scholarship by obtaining an application from their counselor during the month of February. High school counselors should obtain applications from nearby participating MFA locations which include MFA Agri Services, MFA Oil Company propane plants and MFA Oil Company bulk plants. The completed application must be returned to the counselor’s office by March 13, 2020.

The scholarship winner is selected by a local committee. In making its selection, the committee considers:

  • the applicant’s interest in furthering his/her education by engaging in studies relating to agriculture or other fields of study that benefit rural life;
  • the applicant’s participation and leadership in school, church and community activities;
  • the applicant’s reputation for good citizenship and good moral character;
  • the applicant’s financial need, sources of income and willingness to work; and
  • the applicant’s satisfactory academic progress.

The winner is announced at either the awards assembly or graduation ceremony, and he/she receives a certificate that acknowledges his/her accomplishments. The scholarship may be used at any accredited college or university to pursue any course of study.

The amount of the scholarship will be paid directly to the school against tuition, fees, books, supplies and equipment required for courses at the educational institution. Recipients must be enrolled in school as a full-time student by September 1 or the funds will be allocated to the runner-up.